Phase 4: Oil and Stone

Phase 4 is probably everyone’s favorite part of the driveway installation process because Phase 4 is the final step of your driveway installation!

What is the hot oil? Bituminous oil (HFRS-2)

How is it applied? We use a hot distribution tank.

Is oil and stone popular? Oil and stone is the original way roads were created!

Is the surface hard? Yes, the oil cures leaving behind a hard surface.

Will I have loose stone? Yes, but only on the surface layer.

Can the driveway crack? No, the oil rejuvenates in the summer.

Can the driveway settle? The driveway will only settle further if the existing ground does.

Does oil & stone need pitch to drain? Yes, a percentage will drain in the surface.

Can I plow or snowplow oil & stone? Yes, however do now lower the blade to the ground.

Can I blow the leaves or rake oil and stone? Yes

Will my car have traction? Yes, as well as asphalt or better.

What kind of maintenance has to be done? Two times a year, Spring and Fall, use a stiff broom or steel rake and lightly brush the areas where the stone builds up. After some time, On occasion, add additional stone only.

Can stone colors vary? Yes, on occasion there are different shades.

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