Phase 1: Shape!

We call Phase One the Shape Phase because during this phase is when your new driveway begins to take shape! During this phase, we prepare the driveway to be paved which involves removing the existing driveway or surfaces in the design of your future driveway. Once the area is cleared, we lay down the base material, which consists of state approved crushed stone, concrete, and screening. Once we lay down the base material, it is left to settle for a few weeks. During this time, you are free to drive over it in order to help compact the base material. The amount of time the base needs to settle will vary from driveway to driveway!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions during Phase One:

What is Base Material? Base material is state approved crushed stone, concrete and screening.

How long will the base be down before paving? The amount of time it takes for the base to settle varies depending on ground conditions, but the average amount of time is 1-3 weeks. The goal is to have the base material be as settled as possible prior to putting the asphalt down. If the base is not given enough time to settle, the driveway is more likely to crack in the future.

Can I drive on the base material? YES! The more you drive on the base, the better!

Does rain hurt the base material? No, it helps to settle it!

Why are big stones and screenings mixed? So that is compacts into a harder mixture.

Can weeds grow through the base material? Yes, on occasion. If you see weeds coming through your base material, it is highly recommended that you put down weed killer prior to paving in order to prevent any growth in the future.

Can the base material be tracked into the house? Yes, unfortunately. It is recommended to put a mat at your door to help eliminate the mess!

What color is the stone base? The colors will vary, but typically they are browns, greys, and greens mixed together.

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